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MultiFitness Hosts “MultiFest: The Summer Finale”, A Community Celebration of Wellness & Fitness

Participants and trainers joyously gather together after a rewarding ‘Full Body Sweat’ session at MultiFest: The Summer Finale.

MultiFitness, a community-based training facility, presented its annual event MultiFest: The Summer Finale, a day filled with energy, community, and celebration. This event delivered a blend of fitness, family, and festivity, featuring workout sessions trained by fitness experts, elected officials, a vendor marketplace, and family-friendly activities to celebrate health and wellness in the Forest Park community. MultiFest is the brainchild of passionate fitness enthusiasts, Omari Hughes (Head Trainer and Chief Experience Officer, MultiFitness), Isaiah Gresham (Head Trainer and Director of Facilities Management, MultiFitness), Tyler Sellers (Head Trainer, Director of Client Engagement and Merchandise, MultiFitness), Jameè Denson (Head Trainer and Director Marketing Director, MultiFitness).

The day kicked off with a beginner-friendly 'Sculpted by Jameè' Pilates session, led by MultiFitness trainer Jameè Denson, and transitioned into an exhilarating 'Full Body Sweat Session' catered to all fitness levels and led by all trainers. As attendees navigated these diverse sessions, DJ Tay kept the vibes energetic, while media personality, Anna D. the voice behind the "More to Life Podcast," graced the event as the charismatic host.

Not to be missed was the exciting $600 push-up contest and the 10 membership passes giveaway sponsored by Lawrence Eggleston (CEO -Black Wall Street Originals). After working up a sweat, participants shopped at a holistic vendor marketplace that highlighted the wellness-centered businesses our community has to offer. Vendors included Celsius, Tae’s BBQ Pit, Factor Herbals Co., Tea Moss, Le Petite and Posh, Kayla's Italian Ice, The Chiquita Boutique and Canvas Consulting Firm.

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Mayor Angelyne Butler, MPA (Forest Park) delivered an official welcome address to MultiFitness at MultiFest: The Summer Finale.

Omari Hughes (Head Trainer - MultiFitness) surprised the crowd with an announcement that MultiFitness would be transitioning to a new, bigger gym facility during MultiFest: The Summer Finale.

MultiFitness trainers pose with Celsius’ sponsorship team at MultiFest: The Summer Finale.

The energy surged as all MultiFitness trainers led the 'Full Body Sweat Session,' ensuring every participant was pushed to their limits at MultiFest: The Summer Finale.

The day started strong with the 'Sculpted by Jameè' Pilates session, introducing attendees to a refreshing workout at MultiFest: The Summer Finale.

Lawrence Eggleston (CEO - Black Wall Street Originals) took center stage as he led and sponsored the $600 push-up contest. Participants showcased their physical strength and sheer determination to win the grand prize at MultiFest: The Summer Finale.

Outside, local business owners, including Toya Randle (Owner - T’ea Moss Gel), showcased their holistic product options that contribute to overall health and well-being at MultiFest: The Summer Finale.

MultiFitness members, community members, and children gathered together to enjoy the vendor marketplace, bouncy house, face painting, and more fun at MultiFest: The Summer Finale!

The MultiFitness team, The Resource Guild, and Canvas Consulting Firm pose after a huge success at MultiFest: The Summer Finale. Photographed left to right: Jameè Denson (Head Trainer and Marketing Director - MultiFitness), Tyler Sellers (Director of Client Engagement and Merchandise - MultiFitness), Larry Miller (Vice President, Branding and Chief Marketing Officer - Canvas Consulting Firm), Keilah Thompson (Brand Strategist- The Resource Guild), Omari Hughes (Head Trainer and Chief Experience Officer - MultiFitness), Dr. Jeremy Hudson (President and Chief Strategy Officer - Canvas Consulting Firm), Isaiah Gresham (Head Trainer and Director of Facilities Management - MultiFitness).

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