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Meet The Team


Randi O is the Executive Producer, Moderator and Creator of Black Educated & Broke. Randi's sass and quick wittedness shows why she's the boss and also why the team loves giving her a hard time. All things happening in the A or whatever is trending is typically what Randi will speak on. Randi is a TRUE Virgo from Dallas, Texas. She's also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc; Skee Wee! Follow her on Instagram @therealrandio.

Randi O


Mike B

Mr. ATL himself,  Mike B is the News Director and one of the co-host of Black Educated & Broke. Follow him on Instagram @thatdamnbooz and on Twitter @MikeB_News



Q is the unfiltered one of the crew! He's a co-host on Black Educated & Broke. Q has the latest in what's trending, what you didn't know and what you thought you knew. The 10 spot is always a crowd pleaser. And let's no forget, he's the BRUHZ! Follow him on Instagram @thetaqeover .



Ron joined Black Educated & Broke in season 3 and has been stuck with us every since.  Follow him on Twitter @mrfypm .

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