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Rotimi, Mr. Vegas, Michael Blackson & Majah Hype Headline The Atlanta African Caribbean Fest Bringin

Rotimi, Mr. Vegas, Michael Blackson & Majah Hype Headline The Atlanta African Caribbean Fest Bringing Cultural and Musical Unity

Atlanta, GA (Sept 30, 2023 & Oct 1, 2023) - AfroBeats, Soukous, and Amapiano meet Reggae, Soca and Dancehall blending together beautifully at the Atlanta African Caribbean Music, Food & Art Festival (AC Fest) presented by Atlanta Jollof Music & Food Festival at Piedmont Park - 1320 Monroe Drive, Atlanta, GA 30306 from 11 am - 11 pm on Sept 30, 2023 and Oct 1, 2023. This year's AC Fest is coming with some heavy hitters in a fun-loving African vs. Caribbean culture clash including Michael Blackson (Comedian/Actor - Comedy Central, Next Friday, Philanthropist) vs. Majah Hype (Comedian/Actor- Farewell Amour), and Mr. Vegas (International Dancehall Musician) vs Rotimi (Actor- Power, Coming 2 America, and Recording Artist), who will also be shutting the stage down while bringing that extra saucy Naija Boy flavor.

“Nigeria Independence Day weekend, I’m performing! Africa vs. Caribbean this year and I'm pressing and supporting and pushing team Africa! We got afro vs. reggae, jolloff vs. rice and peas. It’s going down.” Rotimi (Actor and Recording Artist)

The AC Fest is produced by DDM York and the Botchey Brothers and was created to explore the cultural intersection between African & Caribbean culture. We're bringing together a collective of cultures, from West Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas ... each with its unique vibes, creating an amazing celebration of family and friends! Attendees will enjoy Afro-Caribbean music, dance, fashion, and amazing food while putting in their bid on the infamous question: Which Nation makes the best Jollof rice?! In a friendly and fun competition, we’re showing Afrobeats vs. Reggae, Amapiano vs. Soca /Calypso, Jollof Rice vs. rice & peas, Caribbean dances vs. African dances and so much more.

In the park, thousands of AC Fest attendees will also have the opportunity to visit a special “Soul Healing Center” activation curated by The Resource Guild that will include access to wellness resources including complimentary 6-10 minute mental health "Soul Healing Chats" with certified mental health professionals, homeless prevention, substance abuse, suicide prevention, reiki, yoga and more.

According to MasterClass, Afrobeat is a mesmeric blend of West African and Black American music that has inspired throngs of contemporary acts worldwide with its unique rhythms and melodies. Reggae music combines the intensity of soul music, the light touch of ska, and the spiritual center of Jamaican mento. The music is famed for the rhythmic patterns heard in percussion, bass lines, and rhythm guitar parts.

As we build the momentum to make this Atlanta AC Fest even larger than last year, Ais York (Founder of R&B Soul Picnic/DDM York) explains why people should come out this year.

“AC Festival is a celebration of Black people in the Diaspora, where we are bringing everyone together in one location to celebrate a combination of Afrobeats, Amapiano, Reggae, Soca/Calypso, African food, Caribbean food, and more. Attending this event provides a dive into each of these cultures and I think even amongst the cultures there are different tribes, but it’s good to come to see everyone so that you can experience it all.” Ais York (Founder of R&B Soul Picnic/DDM York)

Come out and experience the music, food, and art of the diaspora!

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